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Point, Dot, Period… The Dynamics of Punctuation in Text and Image is a collection of twelve previously unpublished essays which explore the fundamental role played by punctuation in the two semiotic fields of text and image. Whilst drawing upon a wide range of material, including painting, engraving, photography, video art, poetry, fiction, and journalism, each essay contributes to the exploration of singular uses of punctuation which highlight the complexity of what remains in all cases a silent, and yet particularly eloquent, mode of expression. By bringing together authors from a variety of fields, such as linguistics, literary studies, and art criticism, at a time when the relation between text and image occupies a prominent place in the critical landscape, this volume offers new insights into the possibility and nature of their encounter, and invites the reader to focus on the material aspect of visual and textual creation. This collection also offers an original approach to the works of some major artists and canonical authors, whilst simultaneously making room for emerging talents.

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Part I: The Punctuation of the Image: The Disruptive Power of the Dot

Chapter One
Lines or Dots? Reproduction Processes in Handbooks on Illustration, 1890s-1920s
Sophie Aymes

Chapter Two
Ceci n’est pas un point: le nouveau langage pictural de Roy Lichtenstein
Hélène Gaillard

Chapter Three
Poeïtic Adriftness in Ailbhe Ní Bhriain’s Video Art: Dissolved Points
Valérie Morisson

Part II: Seeking Each Other in Punctuation: Points of Intersection between Text and Image

Chapter Four
Circles and Lines / Limits and Extensions: The Kinetic Conflicts Inherent in Anne Carson’s The Life of Towns and Wassily Kandinsky’s Point and Line to Plane
Jennifer K. Dick

Chapter Five
Punctuation Marks and Points of Detail in Paul Durcan’s Intermedial Poetry
Cathy Roche-Liger

Chapter Six
“[I]t wasn’t in the picture and is not”: Blind Spots and Vanishing Points in Irish Self-Portraits
Christelle Serée-Chaussinand

Chapter Seven
“Like a sharp pin in the folds of a blanket” Points d’arrêt, points d’ouverture: “Ce qui vient au point de vue” (Deleuze)
Liliane Louvel

Part III: The Sensory Page: Textual Punctuation and the Silent Grammar of the Body

Chapter Eight
The Semicolon: A Funny Kind of Silence
Lynn Blin

Chapter Nine
Les points de silence dans l’écriture conradienne
Claude Maisonnat

Chapter Ten
Dots and Doodles: Virginia Woolf’s “Sensory” Page
Chantal Delourme

Chapter Eleven
“Perhaps there is no time [...] perhaps there is only space, and I a dot of light”: Perforation and Punctuation in J. M. Coetzee’s In the Heart of the Country
Pascale Tollance

Chapter Twelve
Dots between Expression and Aporia in All One Horse,  by Breyten Breytenbach
Kerry-Jane Wallart




Éditeur : Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Nombre de pages : 202 p. – Année de Publication : 2016

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ISBN-10 : 1-4438-8806-0 – Prix : £ 47.99

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